JUUL is a hybrid photographer from the Netherlands. He’s constantly looking for new ways to keep his work fresh and lively. Sometimes he photographs models, at other times he combines studio shots with backgrounds taken on location.

He has gradually learned to master the technique of digitally black and white photos by applying partial layers in Adobe Photoshop. The resulting creations occupy a specific and unique place in his work, and the strong bond he feels with his subjects is visible in the appeal of his photography.

Gastronomes who discriminate between eating and dining will confirm that high-quality ingredients, an excellent knowledge of the culinary art and an unremitting drive are prerequisites for the preparation of haute cuisine dishes. With photography those very same principles apply, a point which finds ready recognition among all creative photographers.

A proportion of these people will be susceptible to his atmospheric images. The mutual identification with one another's photographs then becomes a “feast of recognition”.

A few publications in:

Dark Beauty Magazine (3x), FART Magazine (3x), Fine Art Photo, Apogee Photo Magazine, Sessions Magazine, See7 Magazine (2x), Skin Two Magazine, FOTOgrafie Magazine, Camera Magazine, PHOTO Magazine, Just Another Magazine, Emergent Fashion Haus, W25 Magazine (2x), Kaltblut Magazine, Devoux Magazine, Bedeseme Magazine (2x), Adore Noir Magazine, Solis Magazine, Ruby Magazine (2x), Pro Photographers Magazine, Stump Magazine, Lilium Magazine, Anormal Magazine, VOLO Magazine 2x, IT-magazine (3x), VOLTRON Magazine (3x), Visions Libres - Provocateur

Juul Headshot
@ Willem Wernsen - Amersfoort